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This section provides answers to frequently asked questions about making private gifts and contributions to the Shippensburg University.

How can I make a gift?

On line: 
1. Choose your fund from the different categories listed under 'Funds'.
2. From the 'Donate Online' link enter your name, address and email on the online giving page.
3. Select the amount and designation of your gift, complete your credit card information and any other information that might be relevant.
4. Verify your selection.
5. Submit your gift, or print a form to mail later with your check or credit card information.

Cash: You may use the same online giving process, then print a pledge form and mail it in with your gift.

Credit Card: You can make a credit card gift online or mail in your credit card number with gift information.

Payroll Withholding: Shippensburg University employees may have gifts deducted from their paycheck each month, by returning a completed Payroll Withholding Form to the SU Foundation.

Electronic funds transfer: You may authorize a monthly transfer of funds from your checking or savings account to the SU Foundation. Simply print, complete, and send an EFT Form to the SU Foundation office.

Phone: Every year  Phonathon callers (Shippensburg University students who are part-time employees of the SU Foundation) conduct a series of important telephone campaigns to raise funds for the Annual Fund. You may pledge your support when a student calls during one of these campaigns. Alternatively, call the SU Foundation office, 717-477-1377 to arrange a gift by phone.

Stock: Gifts of marketable stocks, bonds, or mutual fund shares that have appreciated (increased in value) can have an immediate impact on the programs you wish to support -- and also create an immediate income tax deduction for you based on the stock's current value.  Contact the SU Foundation Office, 717-477-1377,, for more information. 

Mutual Fund Shares:  If your financial services provider holds murual funds for your account, shares can be transferred electronically.  The gift valuation is based on the per share value of mutual fund shares on the date of the gift.  If your financial services provider does not hold the shares, you will need to complete a transfer of ownership form that may be obtained from the mutual fund company.  Contact the SU Foundation Office, 717-477-1377,, for more information. 

Honor or Memorial Gifts: You may designate the fund or project you wish to support or leave it unrestricted to support the highest needs in the University's current programs.  A card will be sent to the person or person's family of the individual you are honoring notifying them of your gift.  The level of your gift is not mentioned.

Gifts of Personal Property or Collectibles: A gift in kind enables you to give personal property to Shippensburg University Foundation in the form of antiques, collectibles or works of art.  If the University can use the gift in its educational program, you may deduct the full fair market value.  The fair market value is determined by a professional appraisal obtained by the donor.


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