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Endowment Programs

Programs that have demonstrated their worth and ongoing relevance can be further enhanced through endowment.  This level of commitment is a tribute to a program’s excellence and impact.  Endowed programs of this caliber add to the richness, diversity and scope of a Shippensburg education.

SU Lab StudentEndowment for Joint Undergraduate Student/Faculty Research
This endowment enhances undergraduate learning and support student/faculty research.  Joint research experiences encourage students to develop critical thinking skills that are applicable in graduate or professional study or career development.

  • Every $25,000 in gifts to an endowment fund generates approximately $1,000 each year to support undergraduate student/faculty research

Endowment for the Honors Program
This endowment enhances the Honors program by providing scholarships for entering freshman students with top academic qualifications or current students who make the Dean’s list at Shippensburg University.

  • Typically, $1,000 of scholarship income is generated by every $25,000 of endowment

Endowment for Study Abroad
This endowment provides study abroad opportunities to a larger cross-section of students including many unable to participate without travel grants.  It also allows academically talented international students to study at Shippensburg University.

  • A Leadership gift of $50,000, or above, would establish one Study Abroad Award
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