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Student Endowments

SU StudentsUndergraduate Scholarships
Shippensburg University Foundation is committed to making a first-class education accessible to all qualified students.  The promises of a Shippensburg education are great, but the cost of attending is a stretch for many of our students.  Scholarship endowments help bridge that gap while enabling the University to attract exceptional students. 

SU awards scholarships for academic excellence and/or financial need.  Students with outstanding records of achievement contribute to the quality of education at the University.  By offering need-based financial aid awards, the University also ensures that it remains accessible to promising students from many backgrounds with diverse talents and interests.

Typically $1,000 of scholarship income is generated by every $25,000 of endowment.

  • An endowment gift of $160,000 or above would establish one
                     named Undergraduate Student Scholarship
  • An endowment gift in the range of $10,000 - $100,000 would establish 50% of one
                     Undergraduate Student Scholarship Award

At the graduate level, SU can build new strength by offering financial support to top candidates, through increased endowment for fellowships.

  • An endowment gift of $191,500 or above would establish one
                     named Graduate Student Fellowship

Internships provide students with opportunities to apply their classroom experience in the real world.  Beyond gaining knowledge and practical work experience, students establish contacts in their career field and sharpen their goals.

  • An endowment gift of $25,000 or above would establish, and fund in perpetuity,
                    one named internship
  Shippensburg University Foundation