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Unrestricted Endowment

The Shippensburg University Foundation Unrestricted Endowment

Funds from the unrestricted endowment support priorities identified by Shippensburg University and approved by the SU Foundation’s leadership each year.  This permanent endowment allows the flexibility to meet changing needs on an annual basis.  It is one of the most important funding sources for the University.

Gifts to the SU Foundation unrestricted endowment support among other things:

  • scholarship and loan aid which helps students fulfill their dream of earning a college degree from Shippensburg University
  • joint undergraduate student research that may lead to opportunities for students to continue their education in graduate school
  • state-of-the-art technology and laboratory equipment which enhances performance in the classroom
  • funding for cultural and other extracurricular programs on campus that compliment the education students receive in the classroom

As the University continues to face increasing costs and decreased per capita state funding, the need for private support is vitally important.

Your gift every year to the unrestricted annual fund makes a difference every day to a Shippensburg  student.

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