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Impact on Students

Ashley Lloyd
Ashley Lloyd’s parents divorced when she was ten.  Covering expenses was always an issue. “There were times when my mom, sister, and I were down to a few pennies,” In 2003 Ashley chose Shippensburg University to be her home after high school. “I love and still love everything about it: beautiful campus, small class sizes, awesome faculty.  I had big dreams but no way of realizing those dreams.”  Even with the money she had saved working 5 nights a week during her senior year at high school, it would take all the financial aid she could get and a job working 30 hours a week, at least, to cover the cost.

With the help of the Erna Wright Berkheimer Scholarship and the Clarence Schock Foundation scholarship, Ashley has excelled at SU.  She is a Spanish major with a K-12 education certification with a French and International Studies minor and certificates in Latin American and European Studies.  “My benefactors have provided me with an opportunity to focus on my studies and participate in clubs and extracurricular activities.  I appreciate every penny they have given to support me.”

Andrew Casale has the distinct honor of being a triplet with one older brother.  His family’s expectation was always that all their children would go to college, whatever sacrifice it took.  But four students in college at the same time was a daunting proposition.  Andy chose Shippensburg University for their exemplary teaching program. After visiting his mother’s elementary classroom, and seeing her passion for teaching, Andy was inspired to want to teach also, although at a higher level.  As an athlete, he was also interested in playing for the SU football team.

The Strine/Stoner Memorial Scholarship Andy receives has enabled him to further his education and be a linebacker for the football team.  “This scholarship means so much to me and my family.  It is allowing me have a well-rounded college career.  Aside from my studies and rigorous football schedule, I have time to volunteer as much as I can.  I help in the elementary schools once a week and also participate in a number of projects with the Student Athletic Advisory Committee.”

Danielle Geller, who is of Navaho descent, credits who she is today to her grandmother who adopted her as a young child when her parents separated, despite having raised five children of her own.  College was always on her horizon, although Danielle had no idea how she would pay for it.  Encouraged by her high school teachers and bolstered by good grades, Danielle applied to Shippensburg University.   The close environment, small classes sizes and English Department attracted her; the Board of Governors tuition waver and the Gifted Minority Scholarship sealed the deal.

However, Danielle admits, none of it would have been possible without the financial support she has received.  “It made college a reality for me. I have taken every measure to benefit from my time here.  I come from a family with limited resources and little background in the way of education.  Without the Gifted Minority Scholarship, I would not be where I am today.”

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