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Student Loans

Alumni Loan Fund

This account was originated by the Class of 1904 and added to by numerous individuals and groups, in particular, the Estate of Catherine McMullen.  Loans are available to both undergraduate and full-time graduate students pursuing a degree at Shippensburg University.  There is no interest charged while the student is enrolled in school.  The repayment process starts six months after graduation or separation from Shippensburg University.

Wm. Harold and Nancy E. Bush Student Loan Fund

This loan program is for undergraduate students who desire a degree from Shippensburg University but lack the financial resources to fulfill this goal.  Repayment of the loan can be accomplished under two different plans including an interest-free option.

For further information and an application form, contact the Shippensburg University Financial Aid Office, www.ship.edu/finaid, 717-477-1131

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